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About Us


Our full scope of services provides for a turnkey approach to projects. We work with our clients to create a vision and achieve that vision through our organized approach to project management. Our careful attention to detail is evident throughout the process and long after you’re enjoying your remodelled home. We believe that with a few cosmetic enhancements, your home can feel like new again.  Whether it be removing a wall, adding some decorative trim, installing accent outdoor lighting to accentuate the beauty of your home, or simply painting for a new refreshing look, we are your ‘go to guys’. 

You don’t need to endure or pay for a major renovation to make your home exciting again.  We offer many ideas and services that can do that.  Do we do major renovations?  Yes we do, and will if that is what you are looking for.  With our initial meeting, we will discuss some cost effective ways to achieve what you want and work out a plan together towards an end result that you are happy with.  With over 25 years of customer service behind us, we are confident that you will walk away loving your home again! 

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